Yes I know, I'm like a month late, but just to document the event, we did dress the kids up for Halloween. My mom came for the day, ate lunch with us, hung out, and went trick-or-treating with us. Our plan was to take Cooper to one of Jeremy's fellow teacher's house, but he was so into it, they had to go to more houses. So months ago, he decided he wanted to be an owl for Halloween, a brown owl. So I looked online and he picked out this little costume that didn't look too hard to make. With the help of my parents we pulled off a brown owl for Cooper and a pink owl for Maddie. (I really wanted Maddie to be this pink pig that I found, the costume was so incredibly cute, her father did not think that was a good idea.) The pics aren't great, but they were a little wound up that day. I thought about trying to take some more pics, but who am I kidding, working, cleaning, cooking, 3rd baby, yeah I'm pretty much spent!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

very cute little owls!

Gena said...

Those are the sweetest costumes. Good job Starbucks Mama!

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