6 months

Our sweet little girl is 6 months....another thing we did while in Edmond was take her to the doctor. She weighs a whole 12.6 pounds and is 26.5 inches long. She had 5 shots, but she took it like a woman and did amazing! She has started this super cheese smile face (see below)....it's so funny. Oh and she is eating cereal and some veggies now, trust me it's the best thing that has ever happened to her. Although sadly to say, she is not foregoing her nursing every 3 hours.....
At 6 months Miss Maddie sits up very strong, crawls, puts anything and everything into her mouth, pulls up on everything, still loves to watch Cooper play. Likes to play in Cooper's room with his cars and trains. She loves for him to push her around in his car, and she smiles, squeals, and talks...a lot. Overall with the exception of not sleeping through the night she is a very good napper. She's a happy little girl!


We spent a few days in Edmond before Thanksgiving. We did some shopping, I had several photo sessions, and Jeremy took a test. Wednesday we headed back after my last photo shoot and I started cooking. We decided to invite Jeremy's parents and siblings to our house for Thanksgiving. It worked out nice because Jeremy had basketball practice Friday and Saturday....and well right now. I ran into a fellow blogger in Edmond and she requested pictures of my first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Since there were only 6, 7 if you count Cooper, we had a lot of stuff, but not everything....so here is our Thanksgiving in pictures!

Overall, except the turkey taking about 4.5 hours to cook instead of the 3.5-4 I planned on everything went smoothly. I did almost pull my oven out of the wall: I set my turkey on the open door when I was putting it in....that would not have been a funny story. Cooper even helped me make the dressing, just like I used to help mama jo tear the bread. (He's still talking about how he helped make it.) There was dessert too....chocolate and pumpkin pie. Of course, to top it all off I sent some Christmas Cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies home for everyone. I think everyone had a good time, and I was able to pull it all together since my mother-in-law didn't go to the gym and came here to entertain my kids! We had leftover turkey with sweet potatoes and zucchini casserole last night....no squash it was all gone at the store. So we got the full Thanksgiving experience and then some....and luckily we didn't have to resort to some restaurant because I burned everything!

Game time

This is what we look like before going to a game....

After isn't always that pretty!

thoughts on cloth....

Before Maddie was born I did a lot of research on switching to cloth diapers. I visited The Green Bambino, talked to friends that have used them, read about different brands online. After doing the math I told Jeremy I was going to use cloth diapers with Maddie. Well, we started using them with her in September. She was  is so small I had to find one she wasn't unhappy in. The tri-fold diapers are just so bulky for her, and really the ones I have been using with her are pretty bulky on her as well. (yes, honey they make your non-existent butt look big). So we use flips at our house, and they work pretty well, I just wish they made a petite size! I will openly admit that I probably would not have made this decision if we still lived in the city, but since we don't, and rarely make trips out of our house, they do save a lot of money and really aren't bad to change. Although I've noticed a sharp decline in her father changing diapers since we switched. In his defense, he does still change Cooper's diaper.....who refuses to potty in the potty.

 But, I do feel like she has more redness in them. I change her regularly and put anointment on her, so I'm wondering if it is the detergent I use. I just wash them in All Free and Clear, which I wash everything in and nothing else seems to bother her....any thoughts on this?

A little piece of heaven...

Both kids asleep....workout done....and I found this at the store....it's a good day!

Good thing I did my workout!

On this day....

She started crawling forward. Not the mad I can get anywhere I want to fast crawl....more like I think I can crawl...

She is saying "so what mom quit taking my picture".

It begins....

Today is the first varsity basketball game....long awaited day at our house! Last night I fed all the boys....this is what you make for 13 boys...

And of course dessert....

6 pounds of pasta and I've got probably 3 left.
Jeremy brought this shirt home that the girls made....it's so cute!

So hopefully here is a start of a good season! Go Panthers!


Well Halloween has come and gone. We had a ton of trick-or-treaters! They bring them around on trailers, seriously, not kidding....and some boys tried to come in our house and play with toys. Their mothers were mortified.

My mom came into town on Wednesday, we tried the kids Halloween costumes, while Maddie loved her costume, Cooper, who picked his costume out and was so excited about being a shark was scared to death and as soon as he saw himself in the mirror he stripped down and wouldn't put it back on. So needless to say we have no pictures of Cooper in a costume...he did put on his Lightning McQueen Costume and Jeremy took him to a few houses....but of course I got no pics and he wouldn't put it on when I took a few pics of Maddie. Oh well, we tried!

Cooper and I carved a Lightning McQueen pumpkin, it wasn't great, because my flimsy knife broke while I was carving it, but you can still tell what it is. He was very into taking the top off and cleaning it out.
Last night we had a weenie roast out by a little barn, it was a great time of worship and fellowship. Cooper conned everyone out to let him sit on the tractor, he might get to actually ride on one soon, and he would be in heaven. Then the girls taught him how to jump hay bales....he got the hang of it by the end, almost, probably would've helped if he hadn't done this after the sun went down. All to say, we had a great Halloween! Here are some pics!

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