37 Weeks

Welcome to 37 weeks...can you say it is soo time to have a baby! We finished the nursery this week and bought all our last minute items we need. All of our bags are packed and the car seat bases are even in both cars ready to go. All we need is the baby!

Here I am at 37 weeks:

Here are two pictures of Cooper's room before we started the nursery:

And here is a slideshow of Cooper's nursery. Jeremy made the basketball goal himself, my mom Jeremy and I worked on the letters, and my mom painted the 4 custom basketball pictures so we could have just what we wanted. We think it turned out pretty good! Hope you and enjoy, maybe next week we'll be able to post actual pictures of the new little one!!!


Katie said...

I love it!! I"m so glad we got to do lunch one last time while you are still childless! :) I found part of Cooper's present that didn't make it to the shower somehow and I forgot to bring it to lunch so I will try to remember to bring it to the hospital. Only 2 more weeks...but we know it will be less :)

Dara said...

Your nursery is very cute. You are so prepared. I went into labor at 37 weeks and we were NOT ready.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! You are really ready to go! What a great idea to have a bed next to Cooper's! Perfect place to crash!

OK Chick said...

I love the room! It's way cute.
Haha...nice Theta shirt. I think I still have mine.

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