Ski Trip

I know you've been anxiously awaiting pictures from our trip, but as you can imagine I had a few hundred to go through. Plus getting our house back together, all the laundry, work, I could go on and on, so here is how Cooper's first ski trip went:

This is the last night, they do a torch run, this is down a black slope, so these skiiers are way better then I ever hope to be!
Here is Cooper with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Bear, he loved him!

Cooper thinks he is so big cause he climbed up the stairs at our condo.

Tough day skiing, Cooper went down the mountain, I skiied all day, and Jeremy twisted his knee getting off the ski lift....he's better now.

Here is Cooper on the first day of skiing, he looks bored out of his mind!

Climbing the stairs again, it was his favorite thing to do!

Cooper and myself after his first ski!

" Um, Grandpa, you want me do to what?!?"

(Can I say I'm posting this after 10:00 on a Saturday, Jeremy, Cooper, and the dog are all still asleep in our room...strange)


Beverly said...

Oh, what memories...wish we were still skiing down the pearly whites....
Yes, the climber got into full swing at the Valley Condominum....and life will never be the same....

The Warriors said...

OMG!! I had no idea you guys went skiing...actually what I meant to say was You are WAY braver (is that a word?) than I am!! That picture of Cooper and your dad is AWESOME!!

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