Weekend Visitor!

A couple of weeks ago Colby came to visit us in Porter! (She beat Granddad to Porter!) It was a great weekend for her to come. The girls cheered at the football game, because they had clinic all week. Luckily Colby caught it on video for me! I barely got any good pictures of Maddie cause she was on the back row, the camera just wanted to put Kellyn in focus! They were so cute! Kellyn thought the clinic was really boring, and Monday I thought Maddie was going to cry cause she didn't have cheer practice anymore!

 On Saturday after resting up we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Livesay Orchard. Which is right around the corner from us. For $4 a person you can play all sorts of games and go on a hayride to one of the pumpkin patches. It wasn't real crowded cause we went later on in the day. Which is perfect since we only could stay about 1.5 hours since they closed at 5. The kids had been asking to go because we drive by it all the time. Now it's so busy there, everytime I drive by they're directing me to turn in. I try to avoid it, especially during the weekdays, in the mornings when the schools are there. So crazy! We are so glad Colby came to visit. We topped off her visit to treating her to a Mexican Lunch at Los Cabos, which I highly recommend!

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