I turned 29......

or I mean I turned 30, and I'm still alive, much to my surprise the world didn't end and I did get out of bed on Monday morning. So all in all it was an okay event. (But next year I'll just go back to 29) I did get a little 2 day celebration so that was fun!

After Senior Breakfast (where I had an amazing breakfast burrito bar) two sweet girls came over to tackle the little ones. Jeremy drove me all the way to Kansas to see this

Yes, we had to go to Kansas cause Ponca City was not showing this movie, I think maybe they just started showing it Friday. It was so great, I loved the book, so I was dying to see the movie. After making a stop to get a few items for the kids Bible Class on Sunday we went to eat here

You have to ring the bell to be let in, it's dark, smells amazing, and I had the best sirloin of my life. I mean it. Salad bar, steak, baked potato, and homemade bread. It doesn't get any better then that, it was simply so wonderful. I was so stuffed I couldn't order dessert!

So we went back home to the kiddos who had a blast with their new found best friends and Sunday was pretty low key. Just went to church (where they sang me happy birthday, our church is like 40 people), hung out, napped, typical Sunday stuff. As we were going to evening worship I was starting to be a little surprised, cause I hadn't seen my parents yet. I thought for sure they'd come up, 1.5 hours, really isn't that bad. Well, they met us at church, with my grandparents and little bro. So it was exciting to see all of them! We ate dinner here...

We hadn't tried it, and I love Mexican food. Although it's no Alfredo's or Ted's, it's pretty good food. So all in all I had the best day with my family. I got everything I wanted....

Yes, if you have a KitchenAid mixer, you need the ice cream attachment. I did a little research cause I wanted an ice cream maker to make chocolate chip ice cream, it's so hard to find and it's my favorite home made ice cream. So I figured all I needed was a bowl. It's a little difficult cause you have to freeze the bowl, make sure to refrigerate the ingredients, but my vanilla ice cream came out wonderful. I just need to find some freezer storage bowls, so if you know of any hook me up! My grandma told me the secret to her chocolate chip ice cream, so that's up next.

Since my son might have played a little to much with my last small camera, I wanted another one. So this one was perfect. I already love it! There were a few starbucks cards and some green, so overall everything was perfect. Next week I'm treating myself to a Train/Maroon 5 concert with a friend and fellow blogger, so I'll declare that the offical end of my birthday. So thank you to my husband and to my family for a great 30th birthday, it was just right!
(What no pics of me....well we took a few with my iphone, but all our eyes look kinda scary....it was night!)

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Oh, that really sounds like an awesome birthday! Great movie, fun times, terrific gifts too!

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