I'm an organized nerd

I buy a planner every year and I keep just about all of them. (I never look at them, but I've got them, somewhere!) I love that it's pretty much a record of my life. I write everything in it so I don't forget, all that good stuff! So I jumped on the Erin Condren bandwagon and purchased a life planner, I LOVE it!! Worth every penny! So here is an overview, you should totally get one!

Collage cover

Monthly tabs

Tons of room to write

The cutest little stickers

Pouch and folder (all you couponers out there!

So it's the ultimate planner....now I just need to pick up some different colored pens to organize everyone's schedule! (see told ya, organized nerd!)


Melody said...

This planner is awesome....where did you get one cause I need one?! So fun you aren't finding out what you are having either! I love the name Kellen...we already have 2 in our family! Hope you are feeling good!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cute! I'm afraid I wouldn't use it if I got it, tho!

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