As you can imagine we've been busy over here....our sign is officially out in our yard, so if you know of anyone that needs a nice house in Northwood, tell them about us or tell us about them and in my grandmother's fashion I'll hunt them down and force them to buy it! (I'm totally kidding about the forcing part, but it would be great if our house would sell in 2 weeks)

Here is a another picture of Jeremy and I from New York, we were waiting for the train at Newark Airport to go to the big city, I love this picture!

Then yesterday we went up to see Dad at camp. Cooper has rencently started favoring his father, so he was dying to see him, which led to Jeremy having an assistant coach! I think that this is Jeremy's last week to coach, he'll still be at camp, but will have other responisibilities instead of being a team coach, which is a good thing!

I tried to take another picture of them, since they matched. We got Cooper some official mavs shorts at the NBA store in NYC, but Cooper didn't want to smile. I don't know what his deal is lately! Maybe it was the fact that we got stuck at the gym longer then expected because of the little storm that passed through yesterday.

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Erin C said...

Maybe we can just switch houses. Yours seems so much bigger than ours :)

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