zoo trip

This is not Cooper's first time to the Zoo, but my first time to take him to the zoo. He has been with my mom several times, and for Easter we got a family zoo pass. Since it's so nice this week I thought I'd take him today! Well, myself along with every 4-5th grade class in the state for the science expo. Needless to say it was packed, but we had to go today, I needed time to recover to run on Sunday. (Recover, who am I kidding, like it's going to help my time?) I did get some pics of him, he was very intent on walking around by himself, and if it hadn't been so hot or crowded; I would've let him walk around more. He really loves all of the animals and gets so excited to see them. It was fun to watch him! I personally can't wait until the Children's Zoo opens, which is in like a year, but I bet Cooper is going to love it!

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