Quartz Mountain

We are at the couples retreat at Quartz Mountain Resort, we drove by QMCC and I starting singing my beloved camp song from years ago. I've never been the resort and it is very nice. I highly recommend coming out here if you haven't. Last night we stayed with Anthony and Rachael in Clinton, America...we ate at this place called Simon's Catch outside of Elk City, I had the best steak of my life, amazing, so tender I could cut it with a fork. They have 5 things on the menu, all-you-can-eat catfish, a filet, ribeye, and strip steak, and shrimp, it was packed, and I'm sure they don't need any advertising, but it's worth the trip out there once in your life to enjoy. My parents have Cooper, and I'm sure he's not missing us one bit, I know from facebook that he went to the zoo, saw the horse next door, and likes green grass, this is the boy that cries when I pick him up from grandma's house, so he's being well taken care of. So at our retreat I'm updating the blogs and Jeremy is watching basketball....don't worry it's free time (=relax time with no one crawling up your leg wanting you to play, we do love him, I promise!)

I made these sugar cookies for the retreat, they are the best I've ever made, yummy!

The view from our room, I have no idea why this won't load horizontally, but it's pretty.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Cooper sat right behind me in church this a.m. and was perfect! No worries!

Tonya Tuggle said...

That always is bitter sweet..the crying when picking kids up from grandma...at least they are having fun, and come on, no one can beat grandma!

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