If you didn't follow my facebook updates this is how prom went:

-the people working the front wanted us to show our tickets and draw a marble for breathalizer test...I guess they were parents, because they though we were students...yes people I'm a couple of years away from at least 10 years older then these students

-there were lots of kids there....and some of them danced not so nice

-sometime it became cool for guys to wear garters on their arms

-some people wore cowboy hats, if I went to my actually prom, you wouldn't be caught dead in one! ( I heart EHS)

-my feet starting killing me 1 hour into it (Thanks mom for your super hot red high heels)

-they had some really good food (2 chocolate fountains and chips and salsa)

-I felt like the people working the buffet were looking at me funny when I was picking up everyone else's trash (our job the last hour) Maybe they thought I was a student?

-there was this couple who were amazing, their dancing was so fun to watch, not horrible or ugly dancing, but beautiful two stepping and this rountine that they were totally NSYNC on! (he wore a cowboy hat, and a camo tux vest)I felt like I was watching Dancing with the stars!

-I actaully knew the kid that won Prom King, the only kid I know at Yukon (congrats Jed! He's going to OC next year)

-The principal told me before we got there he did a walk through the dance floor because the kids were "grinding" his exact words: "they didn't care."

-I met a fellow co-worker of Jeremy's that follows my cooking blog, she loves it

-The last couple of dances the other VP's danced in the was nice...some old some newer hip hop songs

-and finally....I had my one and only prom dance to Angel of Mine (it's okay dad, I'm married now, totally allowed and don't worry there was plenty of space between us to show a good example)

The best part of the night might have been that our babysitter didn't let us pay her, 4 of her friends came over and they worked on a project, she said it was better then doing in in the dorms so we didn't owe her anything....I know you want her number! (Funny I don't have her number, I always arrange babysitters via facebook, oh and to clarify I told her she could have people over, so she didn't break any rulse!)

Well that wraps up my first prom and now that I've been to 1, I have 17 years to think about Cooper being able to go...honey, it's not looking good for you!


Suzanne said...

sounds like a fun night!! You guys look so good!

Emily said...

Colin and I went the year we were engaged. He still has to go, almost every year. Except now, I'm like, "Oh, you're on the 10-12 shift? Have fun. I'll be asleep when you get home."

ME said...

What a great pic...yall look fabulous! First comes thing I know you and Jeremy will be mixed swimming.

Ginny said...

I LOVE the NSYNC shout out...totally got it. You look beautiful!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

sounds like you had a very interesting night!! Cute dress!

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