Cuppies and Joe

Friday night a friend and I decided we would take out boys out since both of our husbands were at basketball games. You can only take so many Friday nights sitting at home by yourself. So I suggested we go down to Cuppies and Joe on 23rd street. I'd saw this place while eating lunch with my brother a few weeks ago and another one of my loves on 23rd street, Cheevers. So we took our little boys to get cupcakes. I will say it wasn't the best cupcake I'd ever had, but for $2 and little adult time it was well worth it. My Mocha was good, it didn't make me wish I was at Starbucks! However, I will say, if you go with small children on a Friday'll be the only ones there with small kids, we were pretty much the only ones there that weren't on a date. Although, I'd argue a date with my almost 1 year old is time well spent. Cooper obviously loved his cupcake, my cupcake, and part of his new friend's cupcake. That first birthday cake is definitely going down.

"Don't take my picture, I'm eating!"

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