Happy Easter

Not going to lie, it was not an easy decision to stay in good old Small Town USA over Easter, but since we'll be in Edmond a lot coming up in the next few weeks we felt we could use a weekend at home. So, since this was our very first Holiday together, as a small family of 3, I tried to make it extra special. I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, that turned out amazing and I cooked my first ham. I know, with as much cooking as I do, I have never cooked a ham. We bought a half of one and I cooked it while we were at church. Everything turned out great! We had a little Easter Egg Hunt for Cooper. Not that he really would've missed it, more so we can have pictures of it when he grows up. So here are a few pics from his Easter Egg Hunt!

We told him the direction of the purple egg, here is the progression of him looking for it.

The days are gone where I could get him to take a decent picture....this one is as good as it gets!

Hope everyone had a good Easter!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

pretty sweet!

Colby said...

oo my goodness when did he get so big. ahah i don't like kids growing up. haha

SuzSpeaks said...

cute pics!!

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