Mama always said

Life's not loving husband forwarded this email to me today:

Could you send an e-mail out to the faculty and staff letting them know that Starbucks is beginning a teacher appreciation program on Monday, September 8th. Beginning on the 8th, teachers with a school ID will receive a free tall coffee every Monday at Starbucks.

Considering he doesn't like coffee and I'm the one that gets up with our son (right now we're averaging 4 times a night since he's STILL sick) I think I'm the sleep deprived parent that needs the coffee to survive 8 hours of reading nothing but deeds, oil and gas leases, and mortgages all day. Although in reality I prefer a tall nonfat carmel machiatto, I'd take the plain coffee too.


Ryan and Katie said...

Well since there is a Starbucks close to you I say you make him get up early on Monday mornings and go get one for free and then bring it home to you :)

Ginny said...

Make him get it for you! I'm sure he will be rewarded for his kindness!

gingela5 said...

I'm sorry Cooper's still sick! I'm sure he's sorry too :) As for the coffee, make him get you some--free or not!

Michael and Katie said...

Ahh! Why didn't they start that program when I was still teaching?!? I hope Cooper gets better soon!

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