Thanks Mom and Dad!

Since both of my parents read my blog, Cooper and I owe them a huge thank you! My mom wanted me to have fun while Jeremy was out of town. She bought me this huge beach scented bath set that is amazing, they took me to eat a great places, and I didn't have to do anything. Oh, and they spoiled Cooper and watched him while I went to a movie with my friends one night, and when I went to dinner with them on another night. Just what I needed, a little break! So thanks for a great Spring Break! Oh and my brother, cleaned up what happened to be a huge unplanned mess from me at about 2 am, so thanks to him too...oh the joys of growing a baby!

Also, since we got home Cooper is refusing to sleep in his crib. We had originally decided that we would buy another crib, since Cooper wasn't climbing out of his. Makes our life easier. Well, that was all short lived when his gate broke, and now it doesn't go up all the way. (No worries, the pieces to fix it have arrived) We also decided it would be nice to have a full size bed up mostly for my mom, if she came to stay with us while we lived in this house. So we decided in May, we'd switch the bed in what will be Maddie's room, to Cooper's room. All good in theory, until Friday night when Cooper had a break down went into the room, and said "dis bed." So he's sleeping soundly through the night in a full size bed, way earlier then ever my original plan, but I guess the transisition is going to be easy. Now we should just change it to his room. But it was a lazy weekend and we all did nothing, haven't left the house since Friday, and just watched basketball, slept, and ate! Oh the good life!

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Gena said...

That's the best kind of weekend for sure.

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