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This past Saturday we had a Welcome Home Party for my cousin's husband who has been fighting in the war. He flies black hawk helicopters,  mostly flies important people around. Still he has been in Afghanistan for 13 months, and while he was gone they were blessed to adopt a baby boy! So that's a lot to deal with, being away, serving our country, becoming a dad, all a lot to take in. I'll admit this was my mom's idea, and while I was going to come for it, I wasn't completely on board. I wasn't against it, but just kinda didn't realize how important it was to do this. I don't think anyone realized until my Dad "interviewed" him and what he said really touched me. I hope if you know someone fighting for our country you'll take time to contact them, say "hi" on facebook, but most of all welcome them home the best you can. They are giving up so much for us, agree with the war or not! Here are a few pics from the event!

Cooper and his "helper" handing out flags to the guest

Welcome home bandannas

My cookie skills I'm still trying to develop, but they turned out good!

Welcoming them to the party, Ryan came back in the US to Hawaii where they are currently stationed. Hopefully he will now have an instructor roll in Altus or Alabama.

Representative Randy Grau came with a proclamation. Little did we know, Ryan would someday like to be in the House of Reps or Senate in OK.

Overall it was a great time with their families and friends, or extended families.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Very cool! I saw that sign by the church and didn't know who it was for. You did a great job on the cookies!

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