Four Christmases

I have finally downloaded the loads of pictures I took from our Four Christmases......we are totally worn out! Our kids had a blast, they are so spoiled, but loved!

So we had our first Christmas, on Christmas Eve at Jeremy's brother's house in Denton, then made it back to Edmond for our 2nd Christmas at Mama Jo's (also known as my Mom's birthday). Christmas morning at my parents house, then a little break til we got to see what Santa left at our house while we were gone on Friday! We had to stay in Edmond til Friday because Jeremy and Cooper went to the Mavs/Thunder game, which was an exciting one! So yes, a lot of Christmas, a lot of family, but it was great!

You'll notice Maddie had a very Disney Princess Christmas, Cooper got some trains, a crane, legos, a vet clinic (to name a few things), and Kellyn got a laugh and play vanity, some Little People Disney Princesses coaches, and some stuff to chew on. Jeremy got money for golf clubs, which should be delivered to our house tomorrow, Mavs tickets, golf stuff, and a trip to Duke to go to Coach K's coaching clinic in the Fall. I got money to make more blog books from Blurb (just do it, you'll be hooked), and a camera, which I had already had, but it took some lovely pictures of Christmas for us! We hope all of you had a great Christmas too!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

What fun! I think one of the most satisfying things about Christmas is seeing your children enjoying their presents!

OK Chick said...

The important thing is everyone had a great Christmas. Well, from the pictures it looks like everyone had a great Christmas.

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