Standing Date....

This past weekend I had my standing musical date with my fam and the lucky one that gets to tag along with me! Since I'd seen Jekell and Hyde in Vienna I bought one of my fellow Vienna-ers along with me! It was so nice for us to get to catch up.
Since we are coming into the home stretch for basketball season the kids and I stayed until Sunday afternoon. Saturday we went to the zoo.....have you seen the Baby Elephant? Who isn't really a baby anymore but still so cute!

It's not a great pic, but go watch the little show, you'll love it!

They all did! So after the zoo we just hung out a while and Kellyn rode the duck I had when I was little....

She's dying to be big....but I want her to stay little for a long long time!

At least she cant open the back door yet! Hope you all had a great weekend!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

That duck is so awesome! I hope you got pics of all your kids on it!

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