Controlled Chaos

About a month ago Cooper got a note home from school about reading 25 books by May 2nd and then getting to go to the splash pad in Ponca City. We set out our plan to read 2 a night to get it done and he finished early. Cooper had no problem reading all his 25 books, he read a lot of them to his sisters! (I'm proud of him cause he has done all his word list through 1st grade and can read 500 words, he "won" his star reading test at a 2nd grade, 2nd month!) Anyways thanks to my super flexible job we were able to join him and 60 other k and prek kids at the splash pad today! It was a lot of kids, but a ton of fun!

I'm pretty sure I had a picture of Cooper, but I think it got deleted by his sister, on accident of course! It's a good start to the end of his Kindergarten year!


OK Chick said...

Congrats to Cooper! 25 books is alot of books.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

How fun! I'm not at all surprised to hear about his ability!

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