Weekend Fun!

This weekend was packed with fun stuff! Everyone came into town (Edmond) for Mama Jo's 79th Birthday and Mother's Day! So it was great to see everyone. Saturday we met Brittany and her girls for lunch at the Ice House and then played in The Secret Garden for a bit. I love that our kids have so much fun together, even if there isn't a friend for Cooper he loves hangin with Molly and Emmy!

Then we went to the Lauxman girls graduation party. I babysat them from the time they were babies til they didn't need a babysitter, I feel so old!

Saturday night we met up with the Fam at Gattitown for Jackson, Sam, and Uncle Steve's birthday! It was crazy loud so Drew wasn't a huge fan, but the other kiddos have fun!

Then Sunday we went to church and then had lunch at Mama Jo's, where we got a pic of all the great grands except the baby girl on the way for Jenny and Ross...let me tell ya I hope Jenny's dad got a good video of Julie finding out cause it was the best reaction ever! Look for the group pics in a later post cause I forgot to get them off my Dads camera!

But how cute did my girls look? Even if one doesn't look real happy!
The 2nd Sunday at Capitol Hill the ladies of the church usually cook dinner. In honor of Mother's Day we gave them a night off and my Dad and I served up dinner! (Trust me this is nothing compared to a post coming after my next gig on Sunday!)

The only way it could've been better is if the Thunder coulda won that game yesterday!
So it's the last week of school here in Newkirk so things are wrapping up for us to start a busy Summer!

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