Happy Birthday Maddie!!

Maddie turned 4 today....4! I can't believe it's been 4 years since we had our first baby girl (and it probably isn't enough time to have had 2 kids since right?!) I took her to Starbucks to get chocolate milk (she had to twist my arm) where she choose white milk this morning. Then we kept her party pretty low key and when we asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday dinner she said the cupcake place! Well, Jeremy mentioned Texas Roadhouse in Stillwater and she was excited about that. My mom met us there with cupcakes from "the cupcake place" and her BFF Molly! I didn't tell her Molly was coming so it was pretty exciting when they saw each other! I try to get her and Molly together because I like her mom, there is a friend for Kellyn, and I wish I had a good girl friend growing up. I did here and there but I only talk to about 2 from college (1 being Molly's mom!) and 1 from after college. It may be a long shot that she and Molly stay good friends especially with us not living in the same town. But I hope we continue to cultivate a great friendship between them, since they call each other cousins and Molly and Emmy call my mom grandma I guess we are doing a good job! It was a great day and we topped it off with her "big bike" so now she pretty much isn't going to bed!

She of course wanted a Frozen birthday and they did pretty good considering everything Frozen is gone....so we are still in search of a Elsa Ice Princess Doll and of course the Elsa dress, but for now these dolls will do!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Wow, she does look big on that bike!

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