Last Day of School!

Last Friday was our last day of school at Newkirk. We are so proud of all that Cooper accomplished in Kindergarten! We are prayerfully and thoughtfully considering the best plan for him for 1st Grade. He is such a smart boy so we want him to continue to enjoy school and not be bored if he has nothing to do. We have a lot of options and I'm sure we will figure out what is best for him in the long run! Meanwhile the last day of school is Big Blast....lots of fun and blowup toys on the football field! A Newkirk Alum came over to watch the younger kids so I could go help out for a couple of hours!

I got a Happy Summer cookie cake that Kellyn go into early, luckily when she stepped on it the lid was still on!

Saturday we went to graduation to watch Dylan, Tanner, and Andrew graduate. Lucky for me it was only an hour. We will sure miss those boys next year!

No 2014 Graduation is complete without a selfie...before the "moving of the tassels" the guy actually said, "but first, let me take a selfie!" I thought it was pretty clever!

The only picture I got with one of the kids were in a hurry to get to Edmond to get to Arkansas, but they really do love Tanner!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

You are so good to make time to do things for others!

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