The family that lives across the street from my parents daughter got married Sunday. My mom offered my services last fall to help out. (Which I was totally okay with) So I got set up to cater the wedding for them. Initially months ago when we talked about this for some reason I was under the impression of a smaller wedding, like around 100. Well originally this came up cause I had just done the breakfast reception and the bride really liked that. The grooms parents didn't feel the same way; I get it, Sunday night and they are actually from Canada so a lot of international visitors. We settled on roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, French bread, and salad at our meeting in March. I may have been off on my number thinking by 150, so 250 was our magic number. Naturally I blew it off like it was no big deal....I was freaking out a little inside. I recruited my 2 best girls, bought some more chaffing dishes, and went to making my list. A week ago the brides mother and I made a trip to Sam's to purchase most of the food and I stored it in a friends garage fridge all week. We prepped some Saturday night and spent Sunday cooking! 15 bags of carrots, 15 bags of green beans, 10 bags of salad, 6 bags of chicken tenders, 63 lbs of roast, and 100 lbs of red potatoes we fed a lot of people seamlessly! A huge thanks to my dad who took my 2 older kids to Arkansas, my mom who kept the 2 younger ones, a friend who attended the wedding with my mom so I could feed Drew, and my 2 besties Brittany and Jenny for making this possible! Also to MRCC for letting me use a couple of kitchens! We were thrilled to serve "quality food" as some guest called it and be a blessing to the Bride and her family on her special day! We may need to make some business cards cause as of right now I've got no catering events lined up, but if you know of someone send them our way! I promise to treat them right!

All that was leftover....can't be mad at that!

And thanks to this guy for making our cake cutting experience the best ever!

Best DJ ever!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

WOW. You did an amazing job! So where was it?

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