snow days....

So Saturday Cooper brought all of us our coats and wanted to go outside. It didn't last long and he won't wear gloves, so he just walked around a bit. I guess that was our sign that he was bored of being inside, I don't blame him!

So you may have seen on Facebook, my mom broke her arm in NYC, I guess maybe God is saying I'll let you find a house, when you're mom can take care of herself. Okay, sorry mom, it isn't that bad, but she can't drive, or lift things. Try explaining that to an almost 2 year old little boy. He doesn't quite understand. So hopefully soon we'll find an appropriate house. I never thought in a million years it would take me this long to find a house and get into a house. Or I would've started looking a long time ago. Oh well, guess I'll keep waiting on one. In the meantime, just pray that I keep patience, and my sanity. We are on a 14 week clock here, that is 14 weeks, until we become a family of 4 with all our stuff in storage and living in the room I grew up it. Jealous, aren't you?


vivian said...

You get to live with Beverly and Cooper-yes, I am jealous. :)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Proud of you for having such a good attitude!

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