They just needed a coach

Jeremy's team was 2-20 last year, this year, his first year they are 17-8, and here are the DISTRICT CHAMPS!!

I'm so proud of the boys and of Jeremy. It wasn't an easy game, but they hung in there and pulled out a W! So next week we'll be back for regionals! A parent told me tonight that it had been 10 years since they had won districts, and she told me how much the boys loved Jeremy. So even though we're living apart, I'm so proud of him for making an impact on this team and the town. It makes me feel that for now, he's in the right place.


the.fortes said...

Love it! Cooper is getting so big!!!! Hope you are having an easy pregnancy!

Elizabeth Mullins said...

You are such a great supportive wife. Hang in there! Tell Jeremy keep up the good work too!

Ryan and Katie said...

Way to go Jeremy! Still praying for you guys!

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