This is my 300th post....sorry it isn't more exciting...but what is exciting is I got to spend a few days with this girl....

April and Zane came to OKC for a part of their furlough! I told her it doesn't seem like it has been 2 years since they left, she answered, I know, but you do have another kid. Is that the mark of a long time? I guess so. It was great to have some time with her to talk, shop, eat, and a movie. We got a lot in.
However, I may have to send my little girl to live with April...they became best friends real fast. Maddie loves her....even though she may not be smiling in this pic!

It was just like we were back in school living at my parents for the summer, although April brought her husband and I brought my 2 kids....my how things can change!


OK Chick said...

SO CUTE! April looks great. I wish I could have seen her this weekend.

Colby said...

umm excuss me... i know i am not the roommate in a far off country but i am the the first child a whole 2 hours away. and you got to see me too!! haha :)

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