Maddie's Golden Arm...

That's what I'm calling Maddie's arm now, might as well paint it gold! We are so fortunate that Maddie has healed great! She didn't let that arm being in a cast stop her!
She got her cast off 2 weeks ago and after some water she looked normal again. They thought she was going to pass out! Which apparently happens a lot, but if I had to stare at the pins in my arm i probably would look the same way!

Yesterday I took her back for her final appointment. The doctor likes to give the kids a couple of weeks to move their arm on their own and then decide if they need PT. He was very impressed with her progress and released her fully with no PT! I think, even though this is a different situation, I took her quick recovery and full recovery for granted. Her injury could've been a lot worse, and although her injury is very common, it was very serious. This hit me very hard as we pulled back into grandma's house to my "older brother" dropping off one of his girls after losing their wife and mom. He couldn't have been more thrilled that Maddie was all better. I'm sure unfortunately for us there will be more ER visits, and stitches, and broken bones in our future, I will try very hard to not take those things that are healed fully for granted.

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

So glad it all went well and you are so right not to take it for granted - Praise God for healing!

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