Christmas Morning

Christmas Day after opening presents here, we left for Texas for a few days, so that's why we're here 1 week later posting. Christmas is so much better when you have kids, I never knew how much I would enjoy watching them open their presents...and I'm sure it just gets better from here, because to be honest, Cooper wasn't really all that interested this year, I'm sure next year that will all change. Don't get me wrong he loves his new cell phone, telephone, airplane, lap top, 2 basketball goals, dianosour,rocking chair, and especially his clothes (okay maybe not that so much!)Here is just a brief sampling of the joy!

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The Warriors said...

No worries on the kids gifts...they really don't need anything. I knew you would like the ornament...we kinda thought it was ugly! Just kidding...wish we had gotten to see you guys!

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