Cooper at work!

He Shoots
From basketball

He Scores (and people cheer, this makes him happy!)
From basketball

Our life in Ponder
From basketball

always on the court!


Suzanne said...

Getting an early start I see!! He's SO cute!!

Ginny said...

So cute. You must be so proud he is such a baller!

Lesley said...

you will help me??? you will be sorry you offered! haha

OK Chick said...

SO JL was fun yesterday! HA! Thanks for taking my kiddos at the last minute. Cooper is getting big.

Ryan and Katie said...

Such a daddy's boy :) I left you a surprise on my blog!

The Clubbs said...

We would love to come see you again and have Mallory and Matthew meet Cooper. Email me sometime and we can set something up.

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