Mary Poppins

In quite the contrast to my super loud and rocking Thursday evening, Friday night turned into a night out with the girls. We have season tickets to the Broadway shows at the Civic Center. I love musicals, I saw 13 when I spent the summer in NYC. I think they are so fun, it's nice cause it isn't something you do all the time. (Unless you're a semi permanent resident of NYC) So Jeremy wasn't going to come to Mary Poppins (I haven't the slightest idea why!) so for my date I invited my dear friend Brittany. I know she doesn't get away from her girls much, so the original plan was for Kellyn and I to come to OKC Friday afternoon, eat dinner, Kellyn was hanging out with Aunt Colby for the night, and then I'd pick her up and drive back to Newkirk. But when my Grandma's stand in date, my cousin Charlie decided to bail, we thought Maddie would love it. (Which ended up beautiful cause I got to see Ryan Seacrest Aerosmith out of that.) Then after the concert Daniel decided he was out, so that's when I called Brittany on Friday morning and talked her into to bringing Molly. Those girls were too cute....see for yourself!

My Dad spoiled them like a good Granddad should and bought them these Mary Poppins dolls. They held them through the whole show, they clapped, oohed, and awed. They did really good until the technical difficulty pause in the 2nd act, which was past 10, so I'm proud of them. (Molly calls my parents grandma and granddad, so cute!) I guess their mom and I are forcing them to be best friends, which is okay. Every girl needs a life long friend!

And I was just happy to have the massive chocolate cake from Iron Star BBQ before hand, if you haven't had it from Cheever's or there, you're totally missing out. So amazingly good...obviously I'm starving and I need to be eating that.....and 1 piece is enough for a crowd. In my next post I'll feature why I had to drive back to Newkirk after the late show....I got home at 1:30 am!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

HA - sounds like a perfect night - a musical AND cute little girls and chocolate!

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