Double header

So I had to drive back from the play Friday night because Cooper had his first basketball game at 9:00 Saturday morning! It works better for me to drive back late and my parents were coming, so I left Maddie with them, since she was already asleep on the drive to their house from the Civic Center.

Jeremy's dreams have come true and Cooper started basketball. After having to deal with some scheduling issues we started up last week with our first practice and game! I feel like I never realize how busy we are starting now until I look at a calendar. (or maybe until I try to add more things to our schedule)It's a pretty controlled game, no fast breaks, and the kids have to stay on their dots until the ball is shot, so it's 2 slow 15 minute quarters. At least the clock keeps running. Jeremy and I are co-coaching, but really he is just doing it. Those parents don't know how lucky they are.....


Of course our day wouldn't be complete without following up the first basketball game with our last soccer game of the season at 10:30! So the boys have improved some, I think mostly they learned we changed directions at half time. But I think everyone had fun. I found a place online to get some little inexpensive medals since it was most of their first time to play a sport. I think they liked their medals. It was so incredibly windy on Saturday, but they scored a couple of goals against the wind, so I was proud of them!

So next weeks double header will consist of basketball game at 9:00 and Senior breakfast start at 10:30, so we will be rushing home to cook for the boys, but it's a smaller group this time, so a little easier. Oh and I'm not pregnant so that makes everything easier!

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