weekend in pics

Stop 1: Family Shoot In Norman , not our family, another family that I was taking the pics of

Stop 2: Turner Falls, where Cooper slept most of the time and it was a little too chilly for water

Stop 3: Branch's (Dan and Kate Branch's) Wedding at the cutest little chapel on Kate's family ranch

(Cooper on the Bus with his new BFF Sarah Elenor, we probably owed our cousins money after the night was over. )

Stop 4: The Reception....where this

was the first course, yes Summer, I did take a picture of the salad, and it isn't very good (the picture ,not the salad I thought it was excellent, but seriously has anyone else seen a salad served like this, maybe next BK, totally joking, I don't think mine would look this pretty), and I unlike several other parents was not smart enough to make other arrangements for this guy:

Luckily we were seated at the "wedding crasher" table, otherwise known as they didn't get our RSVP card back and the other people happened to be the parents of my BFF from college. Cooper was for real on his best behavior and they kept saying how great he was being. Although I was shocked on the inside, I outwardly blew it off like he always acted like this at the fancy dinners we attend so much. This morning we had family worship then headed back to OKC, where I am currently paying for keeping a little boy out way past his bed time, because he is so tired and not being on his best behavior. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend, a beautiful wedding, and a great time hanging out with family!

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