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So, on Thursday night I photographed a Wine, Women, and Shoes event at Gallardia. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I took some family pictures for a lady who was on the committee a while back and donated a family photo shoot to her auction, then offered to photograph the event for them. This is all money for Make A Wish foundation, so it was all for charity....go here to see pictures, it was an amazing event.

Back to the story, so between my freshman and sophomore year of high school I did The Adam's Course, which is like group personalized training for running and speed. There was the hottest trainer, we all had crushes on him. So I am at this event and I see after a while I figured out where I knew him from and I asked him, "didn't you work at The Adam's Course?" He said "yes.... it's Michelle right?". I about rolled over and died because for the life of me I couldn't remember his's Bart. I must have made probably not a good impression on his in my working out for him to remember mine, or he's way better with names then I ever will be. Well, I really wanted to take a picture of him so I could blog about it, and as luck would have it, he was in the fashion meet Bart, my personal trainer from high school, at least for the Summer.....

and they were selling these you see the price tag on this thing...2 thoughts:
1) obviously this is why I'm working at this event, and not attending
2) this scarf for that much better make me look 40 lbs. lighter or something!

(the price is $265.00 or more per scarf)

Finally check out Britt's Baby Bump's my first blog design for someone else!


Elizabeth Mullins said...

That's funny. Bart was still around for awhile when I started working there!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Kinda fun to peek into the lives of the rich and famous...great pics!

Beverly said...

How fun, glad you got to do that:)

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