4 Weeks

Today my little baby is 4 weeks old, that's 1 month....and we went to weigh this morning and he is up to 6 pounds! Yeah for Cooper! He is still pretty skinny, but so cute still. For his first Easter we went to church then to Mama Jo and Papa Staff's for our annual Easter Egg hunt. I realize that you readers are thinking how sweet for them to set up an Easter Egg hunt for Cooper...and I'll let you all continue to think it was for Cooper and not for the 7 of us that are 18 and older and the 6 of us over 20 and married....all in all it was fun. I had a photo job durning the afternoon so Cooper and Dad watched Texas play and the Mavs, if that isn't a dream come true for my husband I don't know what one would be! Tonight we have our first family pictures, hopefully they will turn out beautiful! Enjoy our Easter pictures.

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Ryan and Katie said...

That is the cutest and tiniest suit I've ever seen!! I can't wait to see your family photos!

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