12 weeks

We bought Cooper a new toy....we'll let you judge how much he likes it from the slideshow below. He's growing bigger each day and he's doing so well, and is so much fun. We had a busy weekend with another wedding I photographed and a graduation, looks like the end of May is fast approaching. We're looking forward to the Summer time! Enjoy the slideshow of Cooper and his new toy!


Beverly said...

priceless & adorable!!!!

The Warriors said...

Michelle...he is getting so big and ADORABLE!!! How cute is he?? It seems like he is really developing and holding himself up well. I'm impressed! And I love to see the pictures of you and him together. I am getting jealous of Necon and Lydia's bond and can't wait to have that with our newest little one (most likely named Levi). We are coming down the weekend of June 20th. Hope you guys will be there!!


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