10 weeks

This week started a few first for Cooper, he went to class at church, they said he lasted a little while, but he fell asleep during the singing.

I'm glad he's good in the nursery, so far at least no outburst that he's going to class and we are not there. He went to Ted's for the first time for Cinco de Mayo...no picture of that one, but everyone around us thought he was adorable as usual. He does like to sit in his bumbo chair, I know you're thinking isn't he a little young for that? Well he loves it so I guess it works.

This week I started Elizabeth's 20 minute challenge...maybe it can help me lose the pounds I put on while I was pregnant and I might be able to fit into my old clothes sooner rather then later. Yesterday I got my extra 20 minutes in on a walk around OC with Cooper and Jeremy, but I didn't get in the exercises I was supposed to do...guess that will have to happen tonight. Now we're on a countdown until I can get my hair cut...June 20th!! Until next time.


Ryan and Katie said...

Holy cow I love the bumbo pic!! I feel another lunch date coming on soon before he changes too much!!

The Warriors said...

He is getting so big and SOOOO cute! You guys coming for Charlie's graduation??

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