Cooper still loves Thomas. So since we happened to be in Edmond this past weekend for a wedding on Sunday after we ate lunch my parents took him to see Thomas. We went last year and he loved it, I'm sure this year I can hear him say "Look, there's Thomas, do you hear him?" It was perfect because they wore him out for the entire trip home! Which is what I was hoping for! Little does Cooper know that he's going to get Thomas in a big way at Christmas....I've been building up a stash of different Take N Play trains. You can buy them really cheap at Kohls, Marshalls, and TJ Max, if you're in the market for some. So needless to say while they were at Thomas, Maddie ate and we ran some last minute errands....a/k/a went to Kohl's to spend the Kohl's cash since it expired that Sunday! Here are a few pics of their adventure!

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