24 weeks

This week was started with some good news! Jeremy will be teaching at Yukon next year, he's looking forward to it and started on Wednesday getting things ready. Right now it looks like he'll be doing middle school and some varsity boys basketball. Which means a lot of basketball for us coming up, but he loves it and Cooper and I will enjoy going to watch. Cooper and I helped my parents initiate their new fire pit into the family and he got his first taste of s'mores. We're basically spending our time watching Michael Phelps dominate the Olympics, as well as some other sports mixed in, and are enjoying just haning out before school gets started and things get busy around our house. We're almost to the halfway point of our 1/2 marathon miles and things are still going well. I haven't fallen over dead yet. Cooper can go from laying down to sitting up all by himself so he is almost mobile and he can't wait to move around. He doesn't sit still anymore; except when he is tired. Here are a few pics from last week.

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gingela5 said...

My two favorite babies in one picture--Cooper and Kyler...how SWEET! :)

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