I thought I wouldn't like this school

This is why I already like Yukon better than Edmond:

I will still most likely miss all the basketball staff at SFHS....but a free concert ticket, now that's how you get to my heart. On Saturday about 2:00 an employee at Yukon called Jeremy and said she had 2 tickets for us to attend the above concert...I've always wanted to see Sheryl Crow...a chick with a guitar...many of you may not know this but I played the guitar. That's what I got for my high school graduation, I played through college and then I stopped. This concert made me want to break it out again. Also James Blunt performed, he ran through the crowd...talk about a security nightmare. Overall it was a great unexpected date night. I did think that Jeremy might have thrown something at her when she announced that Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal....we had it recording. Seriously, it shouldn't have surprised us, but we like to watch things and see them happen. Oh well, I still love her.


gingela5 said...

Yay free concerts...I still can't believe I forgot we went to Bob Dylan...I was probably just too into the music to remember you being there :) Kidding!

The Warriors said...

The plans for the now annual trip to Arkansas sound great. We should be settling in to our routine at home by then. It will be great to see you guys!!

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