Final List Update.....

Well the kids and I have officially moved to my parents house for the time being. With a final doc appointment for me, Cooper's little belated birthday party, the hubs wanting to attend a few 3A state games (which are at the State Fairgrounds), a wedding shower, and Cooper's 4 year well child it was just easier for my mom to pick us up and bring us here! So that's what we did. Jeremy and I were trying to avoid having 2 cars in Edmond since I will be unable to drive when it's time to go home to Newkirk. So he'll come in tomorrow, go back Sunday, teach Monday, and come back for the remainder of the week and Spring Break. Crazy I know, the joys of delivering in "the city".
So my list is complete, except I didn't glue the pics in Maddie's baby book, and if it is a boy I'll have to take the crib bumper to the cleaners, I tried at home, but it's been put away for 3+ years, so it was a little dusty. Weird cause I stored it in plastic in a box and everything, but oh well, I'll spend the money when I know I need to.

I ended up buying a new infant seat, which I was not planning on, but when I took off the cover of our old one, I noticed that some "friends" or not had enjoyed the backing. I just couldn't bear to put a baby in that, so hopefully the car seat will arrive, on the 13th....just in time! The joys of living across from a wheat field in Northern OK. So now I can just focus on  work and parties until this baby comes! Cooper's party, Jessie's shower, and Papa Staff's birthday party, so we'll party it up until Baby K on Tuesday! (If you are wondering we did attempt to schedule the baby for Papa's birthday, but that date was not available, which is so strange to me, cause I'm sure there'd be room if I actually went into labor, which better not happen at this point!) So look forward to pics from Cooper's awesome Cars 2 party, we're going to race, rain or shine, believe me, the cars are pretty cool!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

I hope all goes well! Enjoy the next few days!

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