Probably should've know.....

Well, if you didn't see on facebook, we had a sweet, precious, beautiful baby GIRL.....and with being so sick, low iron during my pregnancy, and the constant movements, I should've known. We mentioned to Cooper right before they took me back that he might get a baby sister, to which he crawled up in his Dad's lap and proclaimed, "NO it's going to be a boy, a brother..." and had the beginnings of some tears. As the nurse was walking me back to the c-section I said, so you see what we're dealing with if we come out of here with a girl. The anticipation was killing me as they were working on getting her out, I was just thinking, hurry up.....hahaha. So at baptist they have a window which the anesthesiologist took down so when Dr. Shanbour could lift the baby up and I got a good first look at her as he said it's a girl, Jeremy and I said oh no! So Kellyn Lee was born at a healthy 7 lbs. 11 oz, 20.5 inches long, with some dark black hair. Jeremy took a couple of pics of her at the window, but those aren't pretty, Cooper just saw them, and I probably scared him for life cause he said that's gross.

So we'll start here
So after I got sewed up and we got back in the recovery room, Kellyn took her first feeding like a champ and Jeremy went out to bring the kids in. Cooper handled it amazing, and didn't cry or throw a fit about having a baby sister. My dad has a video on his phone of him running out to tell everyone to come see "her". The kids haven't been too interested in the baby, and we came to my mom's yesterday. Cooper likes to check on her, but Maddie could really care less. My dad said it's amazing to him that they can do major surgery on me and send me out 2 days later. Which I know isn't the case with everyone, but that's why I come back to Dr. Shanbour, cause he's really the best. I am feeling way better then even I expected, but I have to remind myself to take it easy, we don't want things to get worse.

So here are some of the few pics we took in the hospital, I'll have to take some more to make it up to her. Hopefully soon we can get the other 2 interested enough to hold her so we can have a pic of our precious 3 kids!

 (I broke my own rule that I was instating of no pictures of me on the day, but then April walked in
and it's not every day your BFF from Brazil shows up after you have a baby.)

So I'm sure there'll be a lot more stories on how Cooper is "just being grown up" about having 2 baby sisters, yes those are his words, but we are loving adjusting to our family of 5! (With lots of help currently from my mom and dad!)


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Beautiful! Love the family pic and the one with the adorable hat! Congratulations, again!

Zac and Mandy said...

I'm so glad everything went well! You've got one beautiful family!

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