Only one more weekly picture left of Maddie! She is officially scheduled to come Friday at noon! Funny story about that:
I scheduled my c-sec months ago so Thursday at my appointment my doc says you don't have to come in next week, I'll see you Friday. Obviously sounds good to me, but I need to know what time. He goes "let's go check", he goes to see and I am not on the schedule. This really happened because we were not sure where I would be delivering. Luckily I didn't get bad news where he assured me if it wasn't Friday it would be Thursday! So they called and it is all set up. My biggest worry is how am I not going to not eat or drink anything after midnight on Thursday? I'm sure I'll make do! I'm off to finish my grandma's birthday cake for tomorrow, then a baby shower for a good friend, and one last photoshoot for my Vienna parents! So busy day ahead! That is what happens when you're in the big city!
Oh, one last funny story, mostly so I won't forget to tell Jeremy. Yesterday my mom and I were looking up something, and Cooper walked by me and gave me a "good game" pat, you know basically slapped me on the butt (which for him was more like back upper thigh) and kept walking into his "room" at grandmas. My mom looked at me and said "well I think that's something he's seen his dad do!" I didn't know whether to be mortified that my 2 year old just did that, or laugh about it. I choose the later.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Praying all goes well!

ComplyKated said...

Every time I see a new post from you I get excited thinking it's big news of the arrvial. Looking forward to meeting Maddie

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I love "good game" pats! Kinda miss those! Good luck!

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