31 weeks

Merry Late Christmas! Jerermy and I had a busy week starting with his parents and younger brother and sister coming Saturday for a visit. We enjoyed the time we got to spend with them and hope to see them sometime soon. This week was full of busy activities for my mom's birthday and of course Christmas. I would say Cooper got some good gifts I'm sure he'll cherish forever, like a rug, curtains, a painter for his room.....he did get 2 very cute outfits, a Texas sweatshirt and another basketball warm up. Yes, our son will be sporty! As I mentioned part of our gift was a painter for Cooper's room, since I am not supposed to paint my parents thought it would be easier to hire someone to do it while I was at work, Jeremy is busier with basketball practice then we thought he'd be, so Wednesday he will paint the room and then we can hang up the pictures and get some things ready! I'll have some before and after pictures as soon as we're done!

Christmas morning in our pjs...

Playing my brother's Rock Band game....I'm not such a good drummer but a very good lead singer!

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Ryan and Katie said...

I can't wait to see the finished room!! I played guitar hero for the first time this weekend but I dunno about drumming!

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