Prom Pit crew

Well tonight was prom. Jeremy is the Junior Class sponsor so he was in charge. So I volunteered to help out. I conned my mom into coming down and helping as well. So she made plans to be here all week. Cousin Brennan decided to come a long. She was such huge help with the kids.

We made trees out of cardboard. Cooper even helped paint.

He loved painting.
My kids were perfectly behaved angels while we set up this morning. I started cooking for prom on I'm done. Here is what I made....

Pigs in a blanket (cheese smokies and puff pastry)

Sweedish meatballs (they didn't look this dark in person and they were amazing!)

Copy Cat recipe of Chili's Southwest Egg Rolls (the little company store fried these for me!)

Ham and Cheese and Turkey and Cheese on Butter Rolls

Chili's made chips and Salsa

Now for the good stuff....

Cookie Sandwiches, always a big hit!

Mini white and Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate Fruit cups (so the wrappers were not supposed to be on these, but they kept breaking)

Mini Chocolate Cream pies, these were Delish!

I also had water, lemonade, and a cranberry grape/ginger ale punch.

Well, that's all.....I'd hate to follow this prom! So days of prep, 5 hours of setting up, 3 hours of fun, and 22 minutes of clean up. That 22 minutes is shorter then the time it took me to drive to prom. Crazy!

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