God is Good!

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I was with April on the way back from visiting the Evans at the hospital when she got the call....the Brazilian guy that's been giving them trouble with their visas is approving them on November 7th! I'm so sad that they will be leaving, but so excited for them to start their great work in Brazil. If you have been praying for the McGees, Gotchers, and Nichols, here is proof it works! They'll be sticking around for another week then they're off for at least 5 years. We went to Ted's to celebrate tonight....and we joked that even though we definitely plan to visit them during their stay, we won't be allowed to stay with them cause we'll have too many kids. Guess you never know! Anyways, I know Cooper will miss his temporary babysitters who out of the 12 days my mom keeps him in a month, they've had him 7....maybe she needed a break. They are now officially not ready to have kids!

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I think its a golf tee...

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