WII Fit update

Well for those that were interested in my WII Fit adventure, I'm liking it more. I don't remember if I have mentioned this but you can record other activity, the only bad thing is I think you have to do it on the day you do the activity. I've lost 2.3 lbs since I've started, so its not so insulting anymore. I'm really enjoying the Yoga, especially after the runs, its a great way to stretch out. I haven't been very good about doing this every day so October is a new leaf so to speak and I'm going to attempt to get on it,record my activity, do a body test, and at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. That'll probably last about as long as my no desserts after my birthday lasted, I think all in all 2 weeks on that. However I'm trying out another new eating plan for a few months to see if it works. So I'd recommend the WII Fit, however I will not say this is the reason I lost the pounds, we're in pretty heavy training right now running a lot of miles a week, so I'm sure that can be attributed to that exercise. But I guess all combined its a good thing!

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Allison S. said...

Where did you get your Wii Fit - i have been looking everywhere!

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