Tags are good...

So my parents read my blog...mostly to see pictures of Cooper; so this morning when I took Cooper over there (Jeremy's 7th grade team had a game...which they won!)because I had a photo shoot, my Dad asked me about the shows I listed...he said he hadn't heard of a lot of them....he's never heard of The Hills which I thought was crazy considering how much Speidi is in the media...especially since they eloped, this makes me realize that maybe I should find something better to do with my time then watch The Hills. But we all know I'm not going to stop watching The Hills...I love reality TV. So why is the post titled "Tags are good"? Because when I went to pick Cooper up my Dad offered to take us to lunch to the Spicy Pickle, which was one of my favorite resturants, if you haven't tried it you really should....now if I can figure out how to get to Island Burger.Thanks Dad for lunch!

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