Getting So Big....

It's been another really busy week since I last posted. I shot Amber and Tim's beautiful wedding last Saturday, we went to the Yukon vs.Santa Fe b-ball game to sit with some old friends...Yukon actually played them pretty well. It was fun to see Drew Hall, Cooper's self proclaimed best baby-sitter ever, even though he's never babysat for us. Work also continues to be busy and I had a photo shoot for Edmond Outlook. Add a little project for the Wedels, picking out our $7.00 tree at Lowes, and playing a competitive round of games with my family, and that about wraps everything up. In Cooper news he's starting to stand by himself for a few seconds, if you can distract him long enough, and see below for more big boy changes!

This car seat has done its job....a little to big with his coat, so....

A big boy car seat was needed, still facing backwards and not to chunky in the car. Still pretty cozy in his huge coat, but when its the only boy coat found by me or my mom (thanks mom!) that's 6-12 months you gotta go with it!

He loves mac and cheese!

And of course grilled cheese too!

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Mrs.B said...

Your little guy is growing so fast! Don't blink or he'll be 10 before you know it :) I enjoy stopping by and looking at all the cute pics!

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