I know its been a while since we've updated this blog...but here is why:

-I've had photo shoots every weekend, except last weekend.
-Yukon's basketball season is in full swing, Cooper and I have not made an appearance at any games, but we're by ourselves just about every night, which makes for 1 tired mama
-Work has been so busy
-We made a quick trip to TX for Thanksgiving
-Finished half of our Christmas Shopping
-trying to catch up on laundry
-cleaning the house....again and again
-putting up Christmas decor
-I may have over committed myself to things the past 2 months, but it's almost all over

So to cheer everyone is apparently the "best baby they've ever had" and Santa Claus


Ryan and Katie said...

That Santa looks real! And Cooper is so cute!!

gingela5 said...

Oh my cute! And that is a good Santa!

Rachael Hamilton said...

What a cute picture of Cooper! And congrats on the marathon!

auntbecca said...

why is that santa wearing a floral shirt? all the other ones wear a red suit with fur...oh well, it look s like cooper was enjjoying himself!

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