Haunt the Zoo

So I wouldn't feel bad about not "trick-or-treating" with Cooper on Saturday Jenny and I took him on Friday to the Nightmare known as Haunt the Zoo. I never imagined it being this crowded, but I think overall he enjoyed running around after we got past the massive crowd at the beginning! Next time, we probably won't go on a Friday night!

Before the zoo, our little monkey!

In the crowded mess with Jenny

He acted like he was going to go right up to this gorilla or ape, until he actually saw it, then he ran away, we tried

Running in front of us, we had to hurry to catch up with him

Afterwards, that is one tired mama!


AK said...

He is just too cute!

Hi, I'm Ginny said...

Oh I love haunt the zoo! My parents used to take us all the time. Robin and I were both dressed ups a ballerinas with these cute headbands with tulle on them. Well, we went through the snake place (I don't remember the fancy name) and some creature (aka zoo employee) came down from the ceiling and snatched Robin's headband! It was horrible! They gave it back, but she was sad. Poor girl. Your little monkey is too cute!

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